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Shadow Work & Horse Wisdom

by Stephanie Sawtelle

Description: Recognizing your shadow side and it's influence on your life is an empowering and healing journey that can improve self esteem, heal relationships, and grow the level of understanding and feelings of compassion you have for yourself and others. This guidebook teaches you the basics of shadows and shadow work, how to identify your unique shadow aspects, and leads you through several ways to approach working with your shadow through text, exercises, and journal prompts.

The author has extensive experience partnering with horses to support people through the ebbs and flows of life, including shadow work.This guidebook includes a section on integrating relevant horse wisdom into your shadow work. Horses can be powerful guides and mentors for your shadow journey even if you have no prior experience with them.


What Horses Can Teach Us About Mindfulness

by Stephanie Sawtelle

Description: This workbook will help you discover new perspectives available by seeing horses as teachers, and encourage you to incorporate those discoveries back into your relationships with your horse, yourself, your loved ones, and community.

Benefits include:

  • Increasing your potential to experience joy, flow, and harmony.

  • Having a clear awareness of, and influence over, what’s happening in the moment.

  • "Showing up” as authentically as possible in every situation.

  • Being untroubled by extraneous thoughts or concerns.

  • Having closer relationships and better communication.

The combination of informative text, stories, inspirational quotes and pictures, guided exercises, and journal prompts will help you integrate the lessons on many levels.


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