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I offer personal coaching sessions with the horses and intuitive divination readings to individuals, couples, and groups both in-person and virtually. On-site public events such as meditations, sound healings, ceremonies, and other special events are scheduled seasonally.

Working with me is a blend of structure, flow, intuition, and mindfulness, supported by synchronicity, science, and the natural world.

It is impossible for me to say exactly what our time together will look like, but that's exactly how we leave room for the magic!

You will be met exactly where and how you are without judgement or expectations.

You'll receive personalized guidance relevant to your unique situation.

Clients often describe their experience with me as therapeutic, safe, profound, healing, grounding, and sometimes hard to put into words.

You do not need any prior experience with this work or knowledge of horses. No horseback riding is involved.


the horses

Horses and horse wisdom are woven into everything I share.

During in-person interactions, the horses are my co-facilitators. Horses are uniquely adept at giving us real-time feedback and information. They bring awareness to the dynamics at play that are relevant to your healing, growth, and learning.

Horses can give us insight into the physical, emotional, energetic, and ethereal aspects of a situation. This gives us a multi-level perspective to draw from.

I consider the horses equal and sovereign beings, giving them the option to participate or not in any given session, without consequences.

During times when we are not physically present with the horses, you can be sure that the spirit of the horse, their ancestors, and their collective wisdom, is still supporting us.


the experience

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