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A personal coaching session can help you:

  • heal from trauma, relationship issues, and negative patterns

  • manage and shift difficult emotions

  • move through stuck points

  • learn to rely on your own inner guidance with more confidence

  • have a unique experience with the wisdom of horses

  • learn practical lessons on self-awareness, communication, trust, healthy boundaries, balanced leadership, assertiveness, and so much more


Sessions are lightly structured times spent interacting with the horses that include intention setting, mindfulness, and the insight that follows, which is related to what you are working through at the time. Even one experience in this setting can bring powerful benefits to your life.



Divination - (noun) The art or gift of prophecy by supernatural means.The art or practice that seeks to discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers. Unusual insight : intuitive perception.

Divination readings are done around a topic of your choosing. Each reading will reveal insight and wisdom relevant to your unique situation.

My reading style is a combination of oracle cards, runes, bone throwing, synchronicity, and intuitive hits.

Readings can be done in-person, remotely (via phone or video), or in the presence of horses for a richer experience.



I love to educate and share about my passions and experiences!

Book me for

  • speaking engagements, formal or informal

  • demonstrations

  • presentations

  • group meditations, healings, readings

  • Q&A events/panel discussions

  • clinics/workshops/symposiums

  • podcasts

  • articles

  • guest blogging

  • media review/references


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