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Being human is your superpower.

Like nature, you have an innate guidance system that works in your best interest at all times. This guidance system supports your well-being, stability, and evolution.


Don't feel like you have this guidance system?

Sometimes you may miss or override this guidance because of a lack of knowledge or skills, social conditioning, ingrained personal patterns, a lack of self-awareness or self esteem, or the presence of trauma or dis-ease.

Some signs of being disconnected form your inner guidance are:  

  • persistent stress that negatively affects your quality of life

  • unmanageable emotions or default numbness

  • often being "in your head"

  • an unchanging feeling of being stuck, overwhelmed, lost, or helpless

  • unhealthy relationship patterns

  • physical/mental/emotional/spiritual crises


If any of these resonate with you, please know that there is an alternative. Nature-based experiences with Stephanie Sawtelle and StillPoint FarmASea will reconnect you with your human nature, your inner guidance, and bring resilience and flow to your life. These things are your birthright, part of your human nature - your superpowers.

Contact us for a free Meet & Greet, or explore our Services to find a perfect fit for your next session.

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